Girl behind the red door

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Who am I?

My name is Erin, and I'm a 25 year old young woman from the Gold Coast in Australia. 

How I got the name

I have wanted the username and url Girl behind the red door ever since the early seasons of my favourite tv show, One Tree Hill! If you've watched it you will know that Lucas referred to Brooke as the girl behind the red door on numerous occasions which I absolutely loved. 

It may sound silly but I've had an issue with the colour red. As an Aquarian I'm drawn to more cool tones - blues, whites, silver, greys, but every single time I get an aura photo taken it is predominantly red. Any time I wear the colour red (it's rare!) I get complimented on it. It's a secret power colour of mine that I am trying to accept.  

It all started when...

After having numerous blogs and social media profiles over the years (Livejournal, Myspace, Blogger, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & so many more), I felt the need to have a new creative space. 

When 2017 began, my previous blog Being Erin didn't feel like me anymore. After starting it on Blogger in early 2013 around the time I graduated university, so much has happened since then. I shared lifestyle, photography, mental health experiences and . I want Girl behind the red door to be even more personal, and hopefully helpful to anyone who is struggling.  

My focus for Girl behind the red door is to focus on body image and self confidence as well as young adult life things. Body image and self confidence is something I've avoided talking about to pretty much everyone, even my psychologist due to the fact it is so deeply personal to me and people can see my body that is definitely not anywhere close to what is deemed as attractive in this day and age.

I was living a life of a teenager during Being Erin (despite being 21-24) but I'm now 25, have moved out of home, and am learning what the hell adult life is about for the first time. As of September 2017 I am still a learner driver but hopefully in just a couple of months I will be able to drive myself around. 

Damn it felt good to write again.